Modeling is prior to starting numerical analysis and absolutely is the most important part of it. In order to have precise models a skilled individual is required who can create the models in an FEM software. Most of these experts claim that the process of modeling by taking the complexity of the geometry into account can be considerably difficult in some cases.

One of the most difficult structures for modeling is an insect wing which is composed of different linked veins and membranes between them. This issue is mentioned in many scientific papers which authors were in struggle with creating a precise model of wing structures. Besides, insect wings are not 2 dimensional structures as they appears to be. Conversely, there are corrugations on some parts which seem to play an important role in the efficiency of the wings. Consequently, an accurate model have to consist of veins, membranes and corrugations which can be the most difficult part of the modeling. All these together make this modeling process very time consuming and exhausting. In order to solve this problem we have worked on the automation of this modeling process in a 3-year research. In fact, we have presented a new method of modeling using digital image processing which can create an accurate model only based on an image of a structure. Certainly, the picture of a structure involves all features such as the place of veins and membranes. As a result, the simplest input could be the picture of the structure. This new method is written as a MATLAB program which is very convenient to use. The user just imports the picture of the structure and the code automatically creates the models.