Arman Toofani

Contact Information



Arman lives in the north of Iran. He received his BSc in Mechanical Engineering with a GPA of 3.4/4.0 (ranked the top student in the last two years in his graduating class). After graduation, he started working as a Research Assistant in the Biomimetics Research Group under the supervision of Dr. Hamed Rajabi(Kiel University, Germany) and Prof Abolfazl Darvizeh(The University of Guilan, Iran). He has been working on insect wing coupling mechanisms since 2016. He believes that we can lead our engineering designs to perfection by Biomimicry.

Academic Expriences

Biomimetics Research Group of prof. Darvizeh
Guilan University (Jan 2015 – Present)

Teacher- Supervisor
NODET (National Organization for Developing Exceptional Talents)
Courses: Research Methods- Biomimetics (Jun 2016, Present)

Teacher Assistant
Ahrar Institute of Technology & Higher Education,
Courses: Mechanics of Materials (Sep 2016 – Present)

Teacher Assistant
Mechanics Laboratory, Lahijan University
Courses: Mechanics of Materials- Fluid Mechanics (2012, 2014)